Arete Youth Fellowship Program

Areté Youth Fellowship - Cristiana Grigore

The fellowship will be a highly-selective, international program that supports inspirational and aspirational young Roma throughout the world who are seeking to excel in their respective field of interest. Through this program we hope to provide an important platform for our fellows while supporting their development and access to opportunities.

We seek dynamic Roma people from all countries who are not only on a professional or academic journey but are also interested in their impact on the larger Roma community. They must demonstrate both passion and pragmatism and articulate clearly their road to success.

As the first Areté Fellow, Cristiana’s part-time responsibility will work part time with the team to develop and improve the program and the process of selection and support for future fellows.

About Cristiana
Cristiana Grigore is a Romanian Fulbright scholar of Roma ethnicity who recently completed her master’s degree candidate in International Education Policy and Management at Vanderbilt University. She frequently writes or speaks about modern Roma (often referred to as Gypsies) – for example, in a November 2010 op-ed for The New York Times. Her experiences has been featured in CNN’s “Plight of the Roma” and in the Voice of America’s series, “Roma Living in the U.S.”.

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6-Month Budget
Housing - $6,600
Food - $3,000
Transportation - $3,000
Health Insurance - $1,200
Other Living Expenses - $1,800

Total Financial Sponsorship Requested - $13,800

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